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 Green Build 

One thing that led us to perfect the VarroBook was that most interpretive flip books had pages that did not hold up for more than a year and often had maintenance problems.


Replacing pages over and over is not cost effective nor is it ecologically prudent.



  1. The VarroBook will sustain YEARS of use.  Multiple VarroBooks installed at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum have Millions page turns since installed.                                                                                    

  2. Pages never need replacing under normal usage.

  3. The Exterior VarroBook™ is 100% recyclable.  


Materials Used:

    Aluminum (recycled/recyclable)

    HPL pages (recyclable) 

    Native Lumber harvested in prairie reclamation (sustainable)

    Steel (recyclable)

    Stainless Steel (recyclable)



Our commitment is on-going.  We continually search for new materials to produce our VarroBooks™. If you have suggestions we would be happy to test them.



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